As I Am

Celebrate natural hair texture

As I Am is a line of care and styling products specifically developed for hair with naturally coily and curly textures such as hair of African descent or any other type of curly hair, whether you sport corkscrew curls, coily curls or simply extra wavy waves. We love all types of curls, and our products are right for any type of curly hair since curls need more nourishment and moisture than other hair types. That is why our products contain carefully selected ingredients chosen for their unique and nourishing qualities to allow natural hair to look great.

  • For naturally coily and curly hair
  • Deeply nourishing and moisturising
  • Makes natural hair look great
  • Salon-quality products
  • No mineral oil, sulfates or silicone

About As I Am

Celebrate natural hair texture with products from As I Am. The range offers care and styling products that are deeply nourishing and moisturising. Developed by chemists to offer the best products and services to customers with naturally coily and curly hair.

Pure and natural ingredients that moisturise and nourish. Makes hair lustrous. Styles and maintains coils and curls. Promotes healthy hair growth from the follicular level.

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