Girlz only

Refreshes hair between washes

Girlz Only is a line of dry shampoos that refreshes hair between washes and makes hair look great all day long – even when there’s no time to wash and dry your hair before leaving the house.

No more bad hair days with the Girlz Only line of 6 different dry shampoos. Breathe new life into dull or fine hair, and hide grow-outs.

  • Refreshes hair between washes
  • Made in the UK
  • Gives hair volume
  • A perfect match for both blondes and brunettes

About Girlz Only

Six different products ensure that there’s always a dry shampoo for any particular need. Whether you are blonde or brunette, going to a party or looking for great hold all day long, there’s a dry shampoo for you.

Dry shampoos are an easy and effective way to bring hair to life and give it volume. Girlz Only dry shampoos look great on any bathroom shelf or in your handbag, and contain ingredients that nourish and care for your hair.
Made in the UK.