Miss so…?

For a life of optimism and passion

Miss So…? is part of the colourful brand universe that is So…? Miss So…? offers beautiful everyday Eau Fraise perfumes and perfume mists. Choose your scent and add a gorgeous signature scent to fit your personality. Below you’ll find a selection of the Miss So…? fragrances. There are many more to choose from, so you can always find the right scent for any occasion.

  • Daydream: Fruity notes of pomegranate and pear, and sumptuous notes of white chocolate and caramel, leaving you with a trail of sandalwood and amber
  • Love Potion: Unapologetic notes of wild berries and apple blend with an irresistible base of jasmine, before revealing layers of sandalwood and musk
  • Secret Crush: Fields of peony and cherry blossom, settling into fruity notes of blushing apricot, before wrapping you in a sweet embrace of amber and musk
  • Midnight Magic: Dewy notes of nectarine and strawberry open the fragrance, complemented by mysterious notes of oriental vanilla and praline

About Miss So…?

Miss So…? is inspired by girls who seize every opportunity in life with fierce optimism and passion – who strive for success and glamour. Girls who love and live by their own rules. They are… Miss So…?

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