Hair Beliefs

Hair Beliefs is 100% vegan hair care without silicone and sulphates. The ingredients have been carefully selected by experts and they have all been added to serve particular purposes adapted to the product range. Hair Beliefs only contains ingredients which are effective and entirely good for your hair while also being ingredients which do not compromise with important values. Hair Beliefs is therefore 100% vegan and cruelty-free. No animal should fall victim to beauty and should especially not suffer for our beauty. Hair Beliefs is dermatologically tested. It contains no microplastics. All products are approved for green salons.

All product ranges are made from caring ingredients which leave your hair bright and shiny. These include Inca Inchi oil which is an active component in regenerating your hair, which means that it nourishes, cares and protects.

Hair Beliefs contains a number of product ranges which are suitable for different hair types and Hair Beliefs guides you to identify those that suit you. It has to be simple, easy and effective. Everyone deserves nice hair.

Hair Beliefs has a vision of making women both look and feel at their best at any time.

Hair Beliefs has a mission to connect every woman with the right products to ensure that they will all have the best from what they have been given.

  • Developed in Denmark
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Free from parabens
  • Free from sulphates
  • Free from silicone
  • All products are based on Inca Inchi Oil
  • Approved for green salons