The Scalpologist

Perfect care for an itchy or sensitive scalp

The Scalpologist is a range of perfume-free and hair solutions. These at-home treatments are based on effective, balancing ingredients that provide real relief from scalp problems.

  • Perfect care for an itchy or sensitive scalp
  • Gets rid of dandruff
  • Vegan and perfume-free
  • Developed in Denmark, produced in Italy

About The Scalpologist

The Scalpologist line offers six products to help target specific symptoms experienced from the scalp: four different shampoos targeted towards specific scalp conditions, a conditioner, and a pre-wash scalp scrub that gives a good exfoliation of the scalp the same way you would exfoliate your skin.

The Scalpologist has a product for you whether you suffer from dandruff, oily hair and scalp, or sensitive, dry and itchy scalp. The line has been developed by haircare specialists in Denmark and produced in Italy.

All products are perfume-free, vegan, and have been developed specifically to target different scalp issues.