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We are good at what we do, and we enjoy it! Meet our growing team of professionals who are here to assist you. Feel free to reach out!

Ami Hansen


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(+45) 20 97 77 20

Lars Ole Kamp


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(+45) 53 86 82 60

Vickie Mose


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(+45) 28 55 75 75

Navid Dayyani

Head of Buying

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(+45) 91 56 25 49

Sogol Mirsharifi

Head of Product 

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(+45) 29 63 86 82

Kristian Rasmussen

Senior Account Manager 

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(+45) 53 87 82 60

Lea Stitz


Luise Linde

Art Director

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(+45) 31 62 72 00

Maria B. Skaarup

Customer Care Manager

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(+45) 31 62 72 00

Rikke Bønnelykke

Purchasing Coordinator

Dina Rasch

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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(+45) 23 45 45 31

Maja Friborg Lauritzen

Senior Creative Buyer

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(+45) 53 84 82 60

Henriette Sander Troelstrup

Senior Buyer

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(+45) 20 99 21 10

Asger Jarl Gjesing


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(+45) 81 80 54 21

Sanne Larsen

Senior Account Manager

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(+45) 25 60 94 32

Martin Callisen

Business Intelligence Analyst

Klaus Fahlberg 

Warehouse- and Logistics Manager

Reza Rezaei Rad

Warehouse Employee

Board Members

Niels Karstensen

Chairman of the Board

Claus Jessen

Board Member

Lars Ole Kamp

Board Member

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Looking for new adventures and challenges? We’re always looking for new talents to join our team. At BrandFix, we focus on creating a working environment where everyone feels at home and has the freedom to create a working life where responsibilities and day-to-day professional pursuits are balanced with family life.

Good colleagues make our day every day, and we know they are our strongest resource and our biggest asset.

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Our story

Like most good business stories, the story of BrandFix began with two friends in a basement who had a hunch. A good one, they soon realised, because they had identified the very limited access that Danish retailers had to importing high-quality skincare and haircare brands at that time. By creating a strong network of suppliers, BrandFix was up and running in almost no time.

The friends are Ami Hansen and Navid Dayyani, the owners of BrandFix and still an active part of the business as CEO (Ami) and Head of Buying (Navid). In 2021 our CFO Lars Kamp joined Ami and Navid and became our third owner.

And while a lot has happened since the days when Ami and Navid were on their own, BrandFix is still about building strong businesses and giving Scandinavian consumers access to global beauty brands.

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