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We’re here to take care of your brand in Scandinavia. With a focus on every detail and with in-depth knowledge of the market and consumers, and marketing and product trends, we’ll cover every aspect to take your brand to market fast, efficiently and with a focus on both short-term successes and long-term responsibilities.

Bringing your
business forward

At BrandFix, we make your brand our passion, and we work around the clock to make a success of what matters most to you in our home market. We believe your success is our success and that, together, we can make your brand shine.

By choosing us as your distributor, you get a partner who not only understands the beauty market but also knows how to influence it and shape its future, hand in hand with our brand partners. Our data-driven approach enables us to spot trends before they emerge, and we’re able to crunch numbers from the biggest retailers and together create sales strategies for the benefit of all involved.

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Our approach

Let’s face it: without passion, success is rare. That’s why, with BrandFix, it’s not all about trade. To us, it’s about building a team around your brand who truly see the potential and love what they work with! The BrandFix team of talented, fun-loving and, above all, smart brand drivers is all about making your brand flourish and reach its maximum potential in Scandinavia, where we are absolutely crazy about beauty!

What we value

Success is something we share with our partners, knowing that if they do well, we will benefit too. That is why, we always strive to see solutions and create a purpose together, acting with integrity and respect.

How we work

We know that, as a brand owner, you’ve put a great deal of thought and energy into what you do. And you can rest assured that, as market experts, we’ve done our homework: We know what your potential consumers want, their price points, and how they currently shop.